About Us

Your pets are treated like royalty at our pet boarding facility!Dog and Pet Boarding RoomsReigning Cats and Dogs Pet Resort has become the premier Pet Boarding Kennels for pet lovers in Ardmore, Gainesville, Marietta and the surrounding areas in Southern Oklahoma and North Texas.

Here’s our story:

As we moved around the country pursuing careers in healthcare and social work, we always had trouble finding a good pet boarding location for Otto and Hans, our two schnauzers. Having them locked up in a cage for a week or have them “potty” in a concrete outside run while we were on vacation was just not going to get it. And they let us know about it too! Hans would pout and ignore us for several days. We wanted them to be taken outside to a yard like the one at home to take care of their business and get some exercise.

In addition, we wanted “the boys” to have someone talk to them, play with them, and scratch that favorite spot. On one occasion we drove 90 miles, one way, to board them in a facility which would treat them like family. We designed the Reigning Cats and Dogs pet boarding facility and services to provide the kind of care we expected for Hans and Otto.

3.5 miles north of
Marietta, OK  on highway 77