Pet Boarding

We provide dog and cat boardingReigning Cats and Dogs pet boarding service is all about making your special family member feel comfortable and have fun. Each dog or cat has their own unique personality. To get started, we ask you about your pet’s personality and preferences. Then we set about getting to know them. We tailor our relationship with your pet to their personality: shy, sociable, adventuresome, energetic, couch potato etc. We talk to guests all the time. We call them by name, pet them scratch that special spot and give them treats throughout the day. The most rewarding aspect of our work is hearing an owner say their dog begins to get excited a mile away from us. When the car stops they bound out of the car, run to the front door, run to greet staff, and then run to their room. (We always try to put them in the same room to help them feel at home). Our regular guests become like family members. It’s hard to leave town and not be able to take your furry friend with you, and we want to you to have peace of mind that your pet will be treated like royalty while you’re away.

We live next door in a lovely new Victorian style home; this enables us keep close tabs on the welfare and comfort of our guests.

Large Dog Boarding from Ardmore, OK to Gainesville, TX Besides the best in TLC, your pet will be housed in a safe,  climate controlled pet boarding environment, just like home, fed the way youprefer, played with if he/she likes to play, and taken outside four times a day.  In addition, our eagle-eyed staff is constantly alert for signs of any health problem.

The Reigning Cats and Dogs facility was designed and built by experts in kennel construction. It was designed to provide the utmost in cleanliness, safety and comfort. Lots of windows provide an on open, airy feel. Central heat and air keep guests waaaarm in winter and coooool in summer.  Rooms for dogs are medium, large, and extra large.  The largest rooms can house 2-3 large dogs very comfortably.   Each room has solid walls separating it from adjoining rooms. Some rooms have a sliding door at the back which can be opened by staff to allow access to an outside run that extends 12 feet from the wall. The outside runs are walled off from adjoining runs and have a locked gate at the far end. Guests cannot go in and out on their own unless staff opens the door and locks it open. This is only done when the weather is nice. Dogs are taken outside into a nicely manicured back yard four times a day for potty, play, and exercise. Dogs from different families are not mixed unless the two owners request it.

Pet boarding has never been so comfortable!While you’re away your best friend can sleep-in in a colorful, unique bed designed for comfort and safety. If your pet likes to snuggle under a toasty warm blanket, we have just the thing. You can bring bedding from home if it is easily washed during boarding. You can also bring a few pet-safe toys from home. For small and medium size dogs that are “crate trained” their crates may be brought from home.

Bring your pet’s food from home. Many pets today are on a prescription diet, but regardless, why change their diet? It’s more difficult for us, but far better for your pet. We request that you pre-package individual servings in plastic baggies to insure they get the right amount of food. We feed them the way you specify. If they need to be feed three times per day rather than two, that’s no problem. If they need a little wet food for “sprinkles”, just let us know! We monitor your pet’s eating very carefully, and we use “every trick in the book” to insure they eat well.

Owners are encouraged to bring padded bedding from home for large breeds. This reduces the likelihood of chewing on bedding

Cats love our pet boarding facility!We spoil kittys too! We have the purrfect castle for kittys who consider themselves royalty and the people in their lives as servants! Kitty condos have four stories with separate spaces for the litter box, dining, and snoozing. A large picture window brings in the toasty morning sun and lets kitty enjoy a tantalizing view of the birds at the feeders. Cat toys, scratching posts, exercise, brushing and petting are included in the royal treatment we provide.  Our cat boarding facility will be your kitty’s favorite!

From the outset Reigning Cats and Dogs has been a member of the American Boarding Kennel Association because of the educational materials they provide that help us update our knowledge and skill in pet care.